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Çimtaş Mobile Application Portal
Version 1.005 05.10.2023

Dear managers and employees,

With Çimtaş Mobile Application, we invite you to an easier, more practical and applicable digital platform. Thanks to this application, you will now have information about internal communication, information, development, training and learning at your fingertips. You will be able to find Çimtaş's announcements on your phone with a single click, with many innovations and shortcuts that will save you time in your busy work schedule. Short and effective e-trainings will now become more fun, it will be easier to read current articles and e-books, you will be informed about trends and you will be able to browse the video archive.

Download the Çimtaş Mobile Application now, enter your username and password and start using it. The new platform of continuous learning, updating and development is waiting for you.

Within our mobile application;

  • Announcements, news, corporate publications,
  • Mobile training system covering all our employees,
  • HSE trainings,
  • Scalable survey and feedback collection infrastructure for all employees,
  • Corporate employee guide,
  • Service vehicles application,
  • Easily accessible daily meal menu,
  • There is also a calendar where personal notes can be saved.

Login Screen
Log in with the account information provided to you. The application will remember you and your preferences the next time it is opened.


Main Screen 
By scrolling the screen, you can access news, trainings, current menu and weather conditions according to your location.


Dropdown Menu 
By clicking on the applications button in the lower right corner, you can access the application you are looking for.


Top and Bottom Bar Buttons 
You can access your profile information and notifications from the top menu. The icons in the submenu direct you to the home page, contacts, news and applications sections.


My Trainings Screen 
You can easily access the training assigned to you. Under the relevant training headings, the trainings you have attended or completed are included.


QR Code 
With the QR Code icon on the home page, you can easily share your contact information from phone to phone.