Training and Development

The training and development plans, and continuous improvement practices implemented at Çimtaş ensure the creation of a common corporate culture, and contribute to the development of employee’s awareness of occupational health and safety, and lean production, and to their personal, managerial and professional improvement.

Within the scope of training plans, on-the-job and orientation training, internal and external technical training and self-improvement training are organized; when necessary, e-learning programs are offered; and also, employees are encouraged to participate in domestic and foreign fairs, congresses and seminars.

Orientation Process and On-the-Job Training
As they become new members of our Company, all the employees receive orientation training, consisting of the introduction of the Company and the human resources practices, occupational health and safety, management systems, the philosophy of lean production and the business processes.

E-Learning Training
E-Learning programs consist of the training programs conveyed through the Corporate Human Resources System, and aimed at employees’ professional, OHS and personal development.

Production Training
Employees, commissioned in production and production control departments, are provided with special training programs with the purpose of ensuring the determined quality and production standards.


OHS and Environment Training
Owing to the training within this scope, our employees’ awareness about their contribution to Environmental and OHS targets, the hazards created by their work in terms of Environment and OHS, and the benefits of developing their personal performances is raised.

Self-Improvement Training
These training programs include training for communication, leadership, team-work, presentation skills, etc., aimed at improving their personal competencies.

Professional Improvement Training
These programs cover technical training necessary for employees’ occupations and role profiles.

Lean Production and Process Improvement Training
These programs include all the training within the scope of improvement of processes and lean production system. These training programs are given by in-house trainers, or external trainers who are subject matter experts.

Network Training
The Network Program, a practice for especially overseas training, expositions, congresses, conferences, and facility visits, consists of personal and corporate improvement opportunities, designed with the purpose of monitoring the sector and new markets closely and continuously, and which will leverage the sustainable growth target of Çimtaş, and improve its foreign and domestic networks by intensifying them.