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Çimtaş is specialized in engineering, design, procurement and fabrication of thick wall, heavy Pressure Vessels with ASME U or U2 Stamps in various materials including HIC-tested carbon steel, alloy and low-alloy steel, clad (or weld-overlaid) steel and solid stainless steel. CE marking for vessels can be added as an option.


The in-house fabrication activities include CNC cutting, head forming, shell rolling, fit-up and welding, NDE (including TOFD), heat treatment, coating and packing. Based on project requirements, Çimtaş can also provide refractory lining, internal coating, supply and assembly of internals, fabrication and trial assembly of ladders & platforms.

The Heavy Fabrication Hall in Çimtaş Gemlik Works has an overhead crane capacity of 300 ton. Gemlik Works is also equipped with TOFD equipment to perform NDE for thick wall weld seams up to 340 mm thickness. Custom-designed modular heat treatment furnace can heat-treat vessels up to 12 m in diameter and 72 m in length in single piece condition.

Çimtaş’s in-house engineering department provides full mechanical design for pressure vessels including code calculations, drafting, and shop drawings. FEA analysis can be performed where necessary with a wide scope from analysis of lifting lugs or transport saddles to thermal/pressure cycle analysis coupled with fatigue analysis.



The heaviest piece Çimtaş has built to day is the CO2 Absorber for Angola LNG project, which weighed 1,100 ton with a wall thickness of 165 mm. A quick look at our list of references will reveal that Çimtaş has fabricated and successfully shipped vessels up to 200 mm thickness and 83 m length.


The design, engineering, supply and fabrication of 4 sets of Reactors with ASME U Stamp were awarded by Parsons Fluor Daniel (PFD) for Second Generation Project, Tengizchevroil (TCO) Kazakhstan. These 4 sets of Reactors were delivered to the project site with a piece weight/length/diameter of 280 ton, 33 m and 7,5 m, respectively.